Different Tanks, But Same Coils Part 1

Different Tanks But Same Coils

Part 1


 In the vaping market there is a wide range of different E-cig companies, with their wide range of different tanks and different coils, in the first place it can sometimes be hard to keep up with all the new items but also the coils can become harder to find.
This is where, as a matter of fact, some people will get stuck with not being able to find coils for their current tank or have coils for tanks that they can no longer get.
One of our colleagues did some research and found a selection of different tanks that even though have their own coils, can still be used with each other.

These are split into 2 categories, too make it a bit easier.

So if you have any of these tanks or coils, therefore these can be used in-conjunction with each other;


 Updated: June 2019


“Small Coils”

  • Advken Mesh Coil, these are used in the Advken Manta Tank
  • Artery AT22 coils, these are used in the Artery AT22 tank
  • asMODus Ohmie coils, these are used in the Asmodus Ohmie Tank, although see below for exception(1)
  • Coil Art Mage Coil, these are used in the Coil Art Mage Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Eleaf HW Atomizer heads, these are used in the Ello,  Ello Mini tanks, Ello Vate, Ello Duro and Ello Pop Tanks.
  • E-XY T1 coils, these are used in the E-XY T1 RBA Tank
  • Famovape Fat Baby Mesh Coils, these are used in the Famovape Fat Baby Mesh tank
  • iM4 coils, these are used for the Illusion Mini Tank
  • Geekvape Mesh Coils, thus these are used in the Geekvape Shield, Aero and Aero Mesh Tanks
  • Geekvape Super Mesh Coils, these are used in the Geekvape Shield, Aero and Aero Mesh Tanks
  • Hellvape Mesh H1 coils, these are used in the Hellvape HellBeast tank
  • iJoy XS coils, these are used in the Ijoy Exo S and Ijoy Exo X
  • Joyetech ProCore Aries coils, these are used in the ProCore Aries tank, although see below for exception (2)
  • Karnoo T1 coils, compatible with the Karnoo T1 Tank
  • OBS M series coils, used on the OBS Damo Tank
  • Peacemaker Squid Industries Coils, these are used in the Peacemaker Tanks
  • Sigelei SM coils, these are used for the SLYDR M Sub-Ohm tanks and the KAOS Sub-Ohm Tank.
  • SMOK TFV8 baby coils, these are used for the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Tanks and Smoke TFV12 Baby Prince Tanks
  • Squid Ind. B1 & B4 coils, used in the Squid Ind. Peacemaker RTA,
  • Teslacigs HP coils, these are compatible with the Teslacigs H8 Mini Tank
  • Vapefly Fantasy Mini M8 coils, these are used as an alternative to the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast, SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast, Ijoy Exo S and Ijoy Exo X
  • Vaporesso GT coils and GTM Coils, these are used in the Vaporesso NRG SE Tank and the Vaporesso Cascade tank, although see below for exception (3)
  • Vaporesso NRG coils, these are used in the Vaporesso NRG Mini Tank
  • Vaportech’s VTech Coils, thus these are used in the Vaportech’s Ark, Morpheus SF and Flip SF tanks
  • Vaptio Frogman coils, these are used for the Frogman Tank
  • WOTOFO FLOW coils, these are used for Flow SUb Ohm Tank

“Medium Coils”

  • Fireluke Mesh Coils, used in the Freemax Fireluke Mesh Tank
  • Freemax Mesh Pro Coils, used in the Freemax Mesh Pro Tank(4)
  • Twister Coils, used in the Fireluke M and Fireluke 2 tanks
  • Vapeston Avatar coils, used in the Vapeston Avatar Mesh Tank Nano
  • VooPoo U-Force Coils, used in the VooPoo U-Force tanks

Note Below


These coils can be used with each of the tanks mentioned, although this may be true there is an exception (see below).

(1) The Baby Beast Coils uniquely do not fit into the Asmodus Ohmie Tank

(2) ProCore coils fit the Big Baby Beast Tank but NOT the 22mm Baby Beast Tank, The Baby Beast Coil will fit in the Joyetech ProCore Aries Tank

(3) Eleaf HW and also the E-XY T1 coils do not fit into the Vaporesso Cascade Tank

(4)These coils are not compatible with the Fireluke Mesh Tank


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343 responses to “Different Tanks, But Same Coils Part 1

        1. Hi Jack

          I have looked into these before and unfortunately could not find any compatible coils that work with the tank, other than the coils that come with the tank.

          1. Hi, is there any rba coils that can fit the falcon king tank?

          1. Hi Tom,

            I did some research online and was unable to find any definitive information, sorry.

        1. Not related, but is because you brought up the Uforce. If you’re looking to expand the capacity of the Uforce, Uforce T1, or Uforce T2 to the 8ml bubble that Voopoo released, hold on to your O-rings!! Voopoo does NOT sell the o-rings aftermarket independent of the tank, meaning they want you to buy a complete new tank when all you need is o-rings. Inked Atty makes a 5ml expansion bubble but they sell it with an o-ring set of their own to make it work. One would think that since Voopoo released an 8ml bubble that they can just pop it on, but unless you have the original o-rings from Voopoo it won’t work. Why? Because Inked Atty’s o-rings are too fat to work with the 8ml bubble glass released by Voopoo.

      1. Iv bought some tfv8 baby q2 coils for my x-baby beast tank, will they fit or do I have to use solely the x-baby q2 coils?

          1. Is the tank that fits the X Baby coils compatible with the iJoy Diamond mod?

          1. Hi John

            The Geekvape Aero tank are compatible with the coils in this list.
            The Horizon Falcon Tank unfortunately I could not find any other coils that are compatible.

      2. This is actually Really good to know ?… so let me get this right, I have the Ello Duro Tank so the Smok coils and the Vaporesso Cascade coils will fit in the Ello Duro?? TIA

      3. This list needs a serious update!!! There’s much more stuff on the market that needs examined. My 2 cents worth:
        A. Baby beAst compatible coils
        1. Advken manta/dominator
        2. Wotofo flo pro
        3. Hellvape hellbeast
        4. Digiflavor Spectre
        5. OBS Cube
        6. Vaporstorm hawk
        B. Smok prince compatible
        1. Desire bulldog/mad dog
        2. Smoant Naboo coils
        3. Avct avictor resin
        4. Waiting on confirmation for sense screen coil
        C. Smok baby V2 compatible
        1. Coilart lux coils
        D. Horizontech falcon
        1. Augvape skynet coil
        E. Freemax mesh pro
        1. Augvape Skynet Pro
        2. Rincoe metis mix coil
        3. Cks bolt

        1. Thanks for the update. I agree, the list is ancient. I was inquiring into the lux 200 coils. Now thanks to you now know I can use the falcon coils.

        2. So I hear the Baby V2 flavor is phenomenal- but I think it’s an ugly tank…so if I’m reading The List right I can put the V2 coil in a Coilart Lux tank, correct?

        3. Thanks for the updated list Jesse.

          Would you or anyone else happen to know what RBA decks are compatable with the TVF12 Baby prince tank..trying to source a TVF12 Baby prince RBA deck has become a bit of a nightmare, so wondering if any of the others will fit my tank instead.


      4. Hi,
        Probably a long shot, but was wondering if you knew of any alternative coils that would fit my Horizontech Cerakoat tank?

        I’m having lots of trouble locating the manufacturers coils for this great tank, so am hoping other brands still current, would fit.



        1. Hi Andy,

          I couldn’t find much about the tank, though somebody did say the tank is an Aspire Cleito Clone. So maybe the Aspire Cleito coils might fit. Apart from that I couldn’t see anywhere if there were any alternative coils.

          1. Thanks for your reply.
            I can’t find a lot of info about this tank or coils either, shame as it’s a good tank.

            I’ll look into that Aspire Cleito, fingers crossed the coils match.

            Thanks again.

          2. Hi Again Empvap,

            Thought i’d update on the Aspire Cleito coils and the Horizontech Cerakoat tank…they don’t appear to be compatible as the Cerakoat coils use a Female / internal thread at the top end, but the Cleito coils use a Male thread, so obviously won’t work.

            I suppose my only option would be to try rewicking my original two coils.



          3. Hi Andy,

            I was unsure if they would, that’s a shame it didn’t.
            redoing the coils is probably your best thing to do.

        1. The v8 coils work in the skrr. I have done it. They are not very good. I just picked up the Eleaf HW1 coil for the skrr and it seems to be much better.

        2. The SKRR is backwards compatible with the GT coil heads (per Vaporesso) so, Yes the BB coils should fit ‘cuz they’re compatible with the GT coil heads.

        3. Hello were you able to find out if these coils were compatible? I’m actually trying to find out the same question please!

      5. Does anyone know of any coils that fit the IPV v-it tank?
        I tried Sigelei SM coil the top threaded fine but the base threads a tad small for the base threading..
        Thanks for any help if there is.

          1. Thank You , what a bumer good little tank I got for 5$ but no other coils fit.

      6. I have found that the TFV8 Big Baby Beast (LED) tank is also compatible with the GeekVape coils for the Aegis Legend tank that originally comes with the Aegis Legend Kit. My husband is using a low wattage coil from Geekvape in my old TFV8 Big Baby Beast currently with no leakage or any other problems. 🙂

      7. Is every coil you listed here compatible with the next? Also, can i use big baby beast coils in the sigeli snowwolf tank?

      8. Hi. I know this is an old thread, but I’m looking for some help. I have a Rincoe mechman 80w that my son gave me for my birthday, but nowhere has replacement coils. I’m starting to think they discontinued them completely. Is there another tank and coil assembly I can use? I hate to scrap it, not only because I really like it, but because my son bought it for me. Any way to salvage this?

    1. Just wondering if you know of any coils that fir the famovape fat baby?anyone know if any other coils fit famovape fat baby?

      1. Hi Gavin

        Couldn’t find much with the tank. Looking at other people’s reviews of the tank and coil, it looks like it is only the coils that come with the tank are compatible with it.

        Though they do look like baby beast coils, I would have thought that they did fit, but couldn’t find any evidence on that.

        1. So, after getting a few people in at the vape shop I work at, I decided to do some researching on this since the famovape and smok baby coils look pretty much the same. A regular came in and left me one of his old burnt famovape coils with me. I read this and decided to try the old coil in a smok baby tank and i can confirm that the famovape coil did fit and fired from a baby V8 smok vape pen. I can only assume that they are indeed cross compatible. Hope this helps =)

          1. Thanks Jennie, that is helpful, sometimes a coil looks similar to another and you can’t tell if it works unless someone tries it.

        2. The Famovape Fat Baby coils are just a TAD taller than any Baby Beast Compatible coil. They do thread but then the top doesn’t screw back on. I could not find any coils that fit the Fat Baby tank and it looks like they may be discontinued. I might be wrong on that.

    2. What will fit in my ijoy avenger tank can someone please tell me because the ijoy coils that go with it dont last and burn up really fast

      1. Hi Steven,

        After a search online I have yet to find a compatible coils from other manufactures for this tank, this may change in the future.

  1. Hello, I’m new to vaping and I’m wondering if TFV8 Baby Big coils would fit in a TFV8 X-Baby Big tank.
    Thanks for your help ^^

        1. Hi Eric

          I’m afraid they don’t as one uses top airflow system and the other uses bottom airflow. With the different size also they aren’t compatible with each other.

    1. Hi Sarah

      What is on the list unless stated should fit the Ohmie tank, the Eleaf HW coils we have in our stores if it something you are looking from us?

  2. Hey i have the Eleaf Melo 4 Tank and i was wondering if there are any other compatible coils that can reach over a 100w without burning and stuff? Because right now im just using their 30-100w coil and its fine but i wanted to move up to a higher amount of wats but it burned.

    1. Hi Sebastion,

      Having a look at the tank and looking at other sources, the MELO 4 tank does take the older MELO coils (though I can’t be 100% correct as it is through other peoples view points). On our other blog https://empvap.com/interchangeable-coils-classic-tanks/ there are 2 types of coils that can fit into the MELO tank and that is the ECML and ECL coils. The ECML are 0.75 ohm coils so that wouldn’t be what you are looking for.
      The ECL coil is 0.18 ohm, that may be better what you are looking for. I couldn’t see when looking what it’s ideal range is for usage though.

  3. Awesome thank you so much for this information because I have the big baby Beast the baby Beast and the vaporesso
    And I love the smaller coils because it has so much more flavor without having to use the drip

  4. Hey,
    Just a quick one. Are all tanks interchangeable? I’ve a revenger mini with only a 2ml tank and was wondering if I can just change to a larger tank without problem… It’s quite small