Different Tanks, But Same Coils Part 1

Different Tanks But Same Coils

Part 1


 In the vaping market there is a wide range of different E-cig companies, with their wide range of different tanks and different coils, in the first place it can sometimes be hard to keep up with all the new items but also the coils can become harder to find.
This is where, as a matter of fact, some people will get stuck with not being able to find coils for their current tank or have coils for tanks that they can no longer get.
One of our colleagues did some research and found a selection of different tanks that even though have their own coils, can still be used with each other.

So if you have any of these tanks or coils, therefore these can be used in-conjunction with each other;


 Updated August 2018

  • asMODus Ohmie coils, these are used in the Asmodus Ohmie Tank, although see below for exception(1)
  • Coil Art Mage Coil, these are used in the Coil Art Mage Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Eleaf HW Atomizer heads, these are used in the Ello,  Ello Mini tanks, Ello Vate and Ello Duro Tanks.
  • E-XY T1 coils, these are used in the E-XY T1 RBA Tank
  • Geekvape iM4 coils, these are used for the Illusion Mini Tank
  • Geekvape Mesh Coils, thus these are used in the Geekvape Shield, Aero and Aero Mesh Tanks
  • iJoy XS coils, these are used in the Ijoy Exo S and Ijoy Exo X
  • Joyetech ProCore Aries coils, these are used in the ProCore Aries tank, although see below for exception (2)
  • Peacemaker Squid Industries Coils, these are used in the Peacemaker Tanks
  • Sigelei SM coils, these are used for the SLYDR M Sub-Ohm tanks and the KAOS Sub-Ohm Tank.
  • SMOK TFV8 baby coils, these are used for the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Tanks and Smoke TFV12 Baby Prince Tanks
  • Teslacigs HP coils, these are compatible with the Teslacigs H8 Mini Tank
  • Vapefly Fantasy Mini M8 coils, these are used as an alternative to the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast, SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast, Ijoy Exo S and Ijoy Exo X
  • Vaporesso GT coils and GTM Coils, these are used in the Vaporesso NRG SE Tank and the Vaporesso Cascade tank, although see below for exception (3)
  • Vaporesso NRG coils, these are used in the Vaporesso NRG Mini Tank
  • Vaportech’s VTech Coils, thus these are used in the Vaportech’s Ark, Morpheus SF and Flip SF tanks
  • Vaptio Frogman coils, these are used for the Frogman Tank
  • WOTOFO FLOW coils, these are used for Flow SUb Ohm Tank

Note Below


These coils can be used with each of the tanks mentioned, although this may be true there is an exception (see below).

(1) The Baby Beast Coils uniquely do not fit into the Asmodus Ohmie Tank

(2) ProCore coils fit the Big Baby Beast Tank but NOT the 22mm Baby Beast Tank, The Baby Beast Coil will fit in the Joyetech ProCore Aries Tank

(3) Eleaf HW and also the E-XY T1 coils do not fit into the Vaporesso Cascade Tank


Any queries you can always contact us via Facebook or by email [email protected]


132 responses to “Different Tanks, But Same Coils Part 1

    1. Just wondering if you know of any coils that fir the famovape fat baby?anyone know if any other coils fit famovape fat baby?

      1. Hi Gavin

        Couldn’t find much with the tank. Looking at other people’s reviews of the tank and coil, it looks like it is only the coils that come with the tank are compatible with it.

        Though they do look like baby beast coils, I would have thought that they did fit, but couldn’t find any evidence on that.

  1. Hello, I’m new to vaping and I’m wondering if TFV8 Baby Big coils would fit in a TFV8 X-Baby Big tank.
    Thanks for your help ^^

        1. Hi Eric

          I’m afraid they don’t as one uses top airflow system and the other uses bottom airflow. With the different size also they aren’t compatible with each other.

    1. Hi Sarah

      What is on the list unless stated should fit the Ohmie tank, the Eleaf HW coils we have in our stores if it something you are looking from us?

  2. Hey i have the Eleaf Melo 4 Tank and i was wondering if there are any other compatible coils that can reach over a 100w without burning and stuff? Because right now im just using their 30-100w coil and its fine but i wanted to move up to a higher amount of wats but it burned.

    1. Hi Sebastion,

      Having a look at the tank and looking at other sources, the MELO 4 tank does take the older MELO coils (though I can’t be 100% correct as it is through other peoples view points). On our other blog https://empvap.com/interchangeable-coils-classic-tanks/ there are 2 types of coils that can fit into the MELO tank and that is the ECML and ECL coils. The ECML are 0.75 ohm coils so that wouldn’t be what you are looking for.
      The ECL coil is 0.18 ohm, that may be better what you are looking for. I couldn’t see when looking what it’s ideal range is for usage though.

  3. Awesome thank you so much for this information because I have the big baby Beast the baby Beast and the vaporesso
    And I love the smaller coils because it has so much more flavor without having to use the drip

  4. Hey,
    Just a quick one. Are all tanks interchangeable? I’ve a revenger mini with only a 2ml tank and was wondering if I can just change to a larger tank without problem… It’s quite small

    1. HI Kieran

      In terms of changing tanks on different batteries, nearly all tanks have the same fittings that go onto a battery. If it is in terms of glass, coils and spare parts these are sometimes specific to the companies and also to the different models of tanks. In these blogs we found that some did have same fittings with coils which does make it more helpful when trying to find coils for your device.

    2. If you are asking if you can use different coils in the NRG SE tank that came with the Vaporesso Revenger Mini, I can verify that Smok Baby Beast Mesh coils will work in it, ive used them in my NRG and my Girlfriends NRG SE. I will say the bottom part of the coil needs to be pulled down just a tad bit as it doesnt contact the positive pin on the base. The vapor and flavor production is fantastic with these coils.

  5. Ihave a baby beast and am looking for a ceramic coil any suggestions? will the sense ceramic work?

    1. Hi Tom,

      I did some research but couldn’t find the sense ceramic coils for the baby beast only for the TFV12 and TFV8, this doesn’t mean they don’t exist just that I couldn’t find them. hope this helped a little.

          1. Keith is right, am using the Vaporesso GT cCELL 0.5ohm cols on my TVF8 BBB as I’m typing this post. Oddly, for whatever reason, when installed in the intended NRG Tank, keep getting ‘Check Atomizer’ error.

            Yet am happy to have a tank that these works with perfectly!

            The other coils which works with the NRG also does with the TFV8 BBB & are of higher quality than the SMOK brand. These can be reused over & over again by soaking in Everclear or other high proof clear liquor for 12 hours, followed by a rinse in hot water, then a soak in hot water for 12 hours, followed by sitting the coil in an A/C vent or in a sunny place for a day or so. I learned the tip via one of Rip Tripper’s YouTube videos, a true cash saver. Brings the Vaporesso coils back to 95% life, as long as not too badly clogged, if so, then 80-90%. One can use a tiny instrument after the liquor soak, such as a toothpick, to break loose any gunk before rinse & final soak. The main thing being able to insert the toothpick all the way through each hole in the coil.

    1. Hi Mike

      I’m afraid they won’t. I had a good look online to find out which tank they were compatible with, some people think the TFV12 Prince might be okay but there was no solid answers.

      They did say that the VooPoo UForce are compatible, but I have never seen them myself so can’t be certain if those work in the Prince tank or any other Smok tanks.

  6. So that means that I can put a ProCore2 in my NRG tank and a GT core in my eVic Primo SE, which comes with procore coils?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi DanH, if the Primo SE takes the ProCore coils then the all the coils on the list should fit, I couldn’t find anything specific about that tank though so I can’t be 100% sure

      1. Thank you for your answer. I will try that shortly, because vaporesso brand is not available in my country, only by online purchase. Joyetec is in every other store, however.

  7. I recently was bought a aegis legend by geekvape and was wondering if smok coils would work on it as i had a smok previously any information would greatly help

    1. Hi Paul

      They are compatible with the Smok TFV8 Baby beast Coils. That said if they fit that then they may possibly fit the other coils that are compatible with the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast coils

    1. Hi Debbie

      I had a look, I think unfortunately from what I could find that the Kage Coils only fit the Kage Tank, and no other coils fit into either I’m afraid.

  8. Brought a smok prince tfv12 tank and the coils are no good does any other company make coils for these tanks.

  9. hey, i have a eleaf ello tank and i was wondering if i could get a RBA coil in here. i have yet found one

  10. Hi, I was wondering if you know of any other tanks the Freemax Fireluke mesh coils fit by chance? Or if there are any other tanks that now have a mesh coil option?
    Thanks in advance for your help

    1. Hi Jamie
      I had a look and I couldn’t find another tank the fireluke mesh coils fit into. The only thing that I could find is that they don’t fit into older models.

      Eleaf has just brought out a new mesh coil the HW-M coil. Having a look these fit into the the same tanks that the rest of the HW coils fit into. If you have a look above it shows you which tanks are compatible. Though because they are new out I don’t know if they do fit into all of these tanks.

  11. I have the vaporesso cascade i just bought the eleaf es 100-300w coils will they fit i havent got them yet

    1. Hi Joshua

      Looked online at the Vaporesso Cascade and found that the coils for that are used in the Vaporesso NRG tank series. The coils for those are smaller than the Eleaf ES coils.

      The coils that are compatible with the Eleaf Coils are on this blog post here;

      The coils that may be compatible with your Vaporesso Cascade are above, though I can’t be certain as the GTM coils for the Cascade are “plug-n-pull”.
      There is though looking at the website a GT coil adaptor so maybe using that you might be able to use the coils above.

    1. Hi Anthony
      We have looked at a few Wismec tanks and it looks like Wismec coils are not compatible with other companies’ coils and vice versa.

  12. I have the TFV8 Big Baby tank. I’m trying to figure out which coil is the best for this tank. I’ve been using the baby t8 coils, but I just really cannot stand SMOK’s coils. What is a better alternative?

  13. I just got a eleaf lexicon kit. Im trying to figure out what coils i can use instead of the ones that come with it. I got the hwm and hwn. Please help me figure out which one are going to work.

    1. Hi Nora

      Any of the Eleaf HW coils will fit into it. Which should mean that any other coils compatible with the Eleaf HW Coils in this blog might be compatible.
      Since the Lexicon is a brand new device there is not much in terms with compatibility on the tank and coils so it might not be accurate.

  14. Hi, any ideas what coils would fit in the new Eleaf Ello Vate tanks besides the HW-M and HW-N that came with it? Everywhere I search just talks about the Ello tank rather than the Ello Vate…

      1. Do you know if the SMOK V8 baby X4 would fit inside the Ello Vate tank? Any info on this would be amazing.


    1. Hi SKW,

      There was a note with it not working with the baby beast coils, it could be that the the E-XY coils come under that too, it maybe that the threads don’t allow them to connect up.

  15. Does this mean that all the coils are interchangeable with the Coilart Sub ohm tank and versa?

    1. Hi Michael

      Had a look online and I found somewhere that the these coils are compatible with the FireLuke coils. If that is the case the FireLuke is combatible with the Vaporesso NRG coils, which should mean they are compatible with most of these coils here.

      I can’t be 100% sure as I couldn’t find any more information on this tank.

  16. Are there any mesh coils that will fit the Arco II? I am hoping the tfv8 baby beast mesh coil will fit, but I can’t find anything confirming it online.

    1. Hi Adam

      I had a wee look at the tank. I did see online that the coils for these are also used in the HorizonTech Duos, that tank can use the TFV8 coils, so I can’t be 100% sure but these should be compatible.

  17. hello i got a wolf tank by snowwolf any idea if a smok or other coils work with it???

    1. Hi Jehan

      Had a long look at those coils, couldn’t find much about them. There was somewhere i read that the Sigeli WF coil series is made specifically for the Wolf tank. So it looks like there is no other coils that would fit.

  18. I love my baby m2 .25 coils… What is the best tank for me to use with this tank and stick v8?

    1. Hi Zachary,
      It is all down to every ones preference which tank is best.
      Smok have recently released the Baby Prince tank which uses the Baby Beast coils, so therefore has the same compatibility’s as the baby beast tank. They have released a baby V8 mesh coil with this too.
      So if you are looking for a new tank that could be one for you.

  19. First off, thanks for this post. Awesome information.

    My question is actually about cross-use of glass. I have a Vaporesso NRG tank that came stock with my Revenger X mod.

    Can a glass tube for a Smok Big Baby Beast tank be substituted on the NRG tank in a pinch?

    Also, are there bubble tubes available for the 5ml NRG tanks?

    I apologize if this isn’t the place to ask, but you seem like the most knowledgeable source I have come across on Google.

    1. Hi Jax

      I couldn’t find anything about glass being compatible with other tanks. We have always found that glass is generally made for certain tanks and you can’t use different brands’ glass with each other.

      In terms of the NRG glass, I couldn’t find a bubble glass, there seems to be only a 2ml glass and a straight 5ml glass.

      1. An acrylic tank for the big baby beast will fit that NRG tank with a little bit of force. It fits a little tight at the top of the tank

  20. Will the Joytech Procore C3/4 fit in an EU compliant vaporesso NRG mini? You haven’t specified what procore coils fit other than putting ‘2’ after them, so does that mean only the C2 fits?

  21. Hi Josh
    It is all the Procore coils, the (2) refers to the bit below the post which states;
    ‘ProCore coils fit the Big Baby Beast Tank but NOT the 22mm Baby Beast Tank, The Baby Beast Coil will fit in the Joyetech ProCore Aries Tank’

    1. Thanks a lot pal! Heard these are leaps and bounds better than the GT coils. I’d advise everyone buying the NRG tanks to NOT buy GT coils. the gt4/6/8 have all lasted 1 and a half days for me. Pathetic. About 20ml max. Going to try some Procore c3 and see what they say

  22. Hi Guys!
    Maybe someone can test that, I think it fits the OBS V tank too.
    Greetings from Dresden

  23. I have the smok v8 stick,I know the coils are not interchangeable. I am moreless looking for a different tank,what tanks are compatible with that unit and will use that same coil?

  24. I have a cascade baby se tank along with big baby and baby prince. Bought the baby mesh coils thinking it will fit all, but apparently it just won’t screw into the cascade baby, although my other baby coil does go in. Does anyone know if it’s just the baby mesh that doesn’t fit?

    1. I had the same issue. Have a Cascade Baby SE, tried the v8 mesh and they just won’t screw in all the way. Tried a few different o-rings but still won’t fit. The v8 mesh will screw in all the way without an o-ring at all, but regardless the 510 connection doesn’t seem to work with these as no matter how I get them screwed into my baby SE mod says “No atomizer”.

      I was just wanting to try the Smok mesh in my se as I like the mesh, but the vaporesso mesh coils seem to leak more. Mostly I use ccell ceramic though in my se.

  25. Hi Jill,

    I know, from research, that the Eleaf HW coils and the EX-Y T1 coils don’t fit the Vaporesso Cascade tank too. I haven’t seen the tank so it could be that something in the base or chimney stops those coils fitting into that tank.

  26. hey folks

    newbie question here – when people say coils aren’t compatible does that mean they have different thread sizes?

    i have a tv12 baby prince tank that came with a .15 4 coil – how is that different from the .15 coil in my geekvape aero mesh tank? same thread same wattage requirement. wouldn’t they be compatible?


    1. Hi Chris,

      Compatibility usually means if the coil will fit the tank it’s not intended for and fire, many coils share the same threads, but other variations like coil height should also be taken into consideration.
      Part two of “Different Tanks, But same coil” should provide a good list of compatible coils/Tanks. Hope this helped.

  27. Does anyone know if Falcon Resin coils are compatible with any other tanks? like the baby beast or ello?

    1. Hi Lisa

      Unfortunately the coils with that tank are the only coils that seem to fit that tank. Looking online I couldn’t find anything about compatibility with that tank and other coils.
      What a lot of reviewers and people generally talking about that tank said was that is how it was designed.

  28. Anyone know what coils I can use in my snowwolf wolf sub ohm tank? When I bought it the girl working at the local vape shop said the tank is compatible with other types of coils other than the ones made by snowwolf

    1. Hi Cody

      From looking at before, I couldn’t find much about them. There was somewhere I read that the Sigeli WF coil series is made specifically for the Wolf tank. So it looks like there is no other coils that would fit.

  29. Hey! Just bought a Vaporesso 80W Swag Kit. I have some eLeaf HW4 coils here….they should work in the Swag yah? Thanks!

  30. Got a smoke priv video and I’m wondering what tanks I could purchase for it other than the Smok tanks? And how would I determine that?

    1. Hi Tiffany

      If is tank that takes the same coils then you can use the tanks above, as long as the tank is the Smok Baby Beast.

  31. I have a eleaf Ello Duro tank and used to factory coil that came with it today Ive alled all over town its a HW-N .02 OHM is there anything thats compatable?

  32. Can anyone tell me more about the valyrian tank and if there are any other coils compatible with the tank

    1. Hi SJ
      After researching the tank and coil it looks like it is only the coil that comes with the tank that is compatible.

  33. Hi, the rba TFV8 is compatible with ello duro Tank and nrg vaporesso Tank that beco és in the swag kit? Thanks.

  34. Hi Leandro

    If it is the standard TFV8 then they definitely won’t work. If it is the TFV8 Baby RBA they only work in the Big Baby Beast not the Standard Baby Beast. Though they might fit there could be an issue with needing a bigger glass for those tanks.

    1. Hi Julio

      The Vaporesso GT coils will fit with the tanks above, and the coils above will fit the tank you are using the GT coils with.

  35. I have the melo 4 tank that came with ikuu i80 by Eleaf which ccell coils are compatible with this tank ? Or any recommendations for tanks that use the ccell coils

    1. Hi Dannielle,

      The Vaporesso Ceramic Ccell coils should be compatible with your tank, going by the research I could find online. hope this helps 🙂

  36. Is there any mesh coils that will fit in the TFV12 prince tank.

    And what the brands tank will fit on a devilkin mod

    1. Hi Tara, Smok have just brought out with there new TFV12 Prince Cobra tank, 2 types of mesh coils. We are hoping to get these in in the next couple of weeks

    2. Also in regards to your mod, any tank with a 510 connection (the most common connection for tanks) will fit onto your mod.

  37. Hi I was wondering if you know of any mesh coils that fit the smok bbb tank? They have a mesh and strip coil from smok but I’m looking for any other brands and coils that would fit as well?

  38. I work at a vape shop. A customer with an iJoy Diamond mini kit came in looking for coils. The coils of the iJoy Diamond tank appear to be baby beast clones. So I tried Vaporesso GT-6 coils, and the coil would not screw in the base of the tank. It would however screw into the chimney and then the tank would screw together, but I would get the “no atomizer” error… It appears as if iJoy wants customers to only buy from them, and not be able to conveniently buy from the endless supply of baby beast coils at their local vape shops (baby beast, vaporesso, medusa, coil art, and on and on)

  39. I have an nrg tank and got the gt mesh coils, but they don’t fit. Is there any way to make it fit?

    1. Hi Sarhan,

      Is it the old or new NRG tank your using, and are you having problems screwing the coil down or is it something else.

  40. Hi, I wonder that I can use Smok TFV8 baby RBA in my Wotofo Flow Tank? Are their glasses compatible each other? Thanks.-

    1. Hi Tataromar

      I couldn’t find anything about the compatibility of the TFV8 Baby RBA with the Wotofo Tank.
      Generally speaking glass is specific to a company’s tanks, there is some exceptions but not normally.

  41. Looks like you’ve had a lot of questions. I just wanted to add one more. I have a advken Manta sub ohm mesh tank. Is there anything other thank advken that I can use? Thanks Brandy

    1. Hi Brandy

      It took me a while to find information about the tank. I did find somewhere that TFV8 Baby coils and NRG coils do fit into the tank.
      If that is the case then technically the coils in this blog should fit. I can’t be 100% sure as there may be some fitting issues with the top thread, from looking at the pictures of the coils that come with the Manta Tank.

  42. i have an avenger with the original tank on it still, are there any higher rated coils i could use to push a higher wattage? the x3-c3 coils only go up to 110, and i like to vape higher then that, but i really dont have the money to buy a new tank.

    1. Hi Carrie

      There isn’t much that do go above that wattage range, though have you tried any of the mesh coils by Smok or Eleaf, though they are lower wattage you do get a bit more from them.

    1. Hi Cindy,
      That battery should work with the Prince coils as long as the output matches the output needed for low ohm coils.

    1. Hi Am,

      Found this list online hope it helps.

      Eleaf HW coils
      E-Xy T1 coils
      Geekvape iM1+4 coils
      iJoy XS coils
      Joyetech Procore Aries coils
      SMOK TFV8 baby coils
      Vaporesso NRG coils

  43. Hey um guys i have a snow wolf kit. Im trying to figure out if the bubble tank glass on it will fit on a smok tank? Can you guys please help me out? Therebut

    1. Hi New2DaGame

      Generally glass from other companies don’t fit on tanks from another company. Which smok tank do you have? You can get an 8ml glass for the Prince and 5ml for the Baby Beast and Baby Prince.

  44. Hi, I use a smok tank with TFV12 coil and someone mentioned to me that you can put a vaporesso GT mesh coil in and it will fit, just wanted to know if that’s true ? If not what other coil could I use just want to try other ones out there
    Many thank

    1. Hi Mark,

      No the GT Mesh Coils won’t fit the TFV12 Prince or Cloud Beast Tank. If it is the TFV12 Baby Prince, it might fit, though since they are newish to market, I don’t know absolutely if they will.

      There is mesh coils for both the TFV12 Prince and the TFV12 Baby Prince if it mesh coils you are looking for.

      We sell the Baby Prince mesh coils at the moment and waiting on the Prince mesh coils coming in.

      Hope that has helped.

  45. v8 baby rba doesn’t fit into vaporesso cascade baby se tank. rba is too large and the chimney of the cascade doesn’t screw into the rba.
    I would love to find an rba I could use with my Cascade Baby SE tank but to no avail at the moment.

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