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Coils for Eleaf Products

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  • Eleaf HW Coils

    Eleaf HW Coils

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    Eleaf HW Coils

    The Eleaf HW coils are a multi use coil. It can be used in many different tanks. Please check out our link to our blog below, for details as to where you can use them.

    Different Tanks, But Same Coils Part 1



    • HW1:     0.2Ω
    • HW1-C: 0.25Ω
    • HW2:     0.3Ω
    • HW3:     0.2Ω
    • HW4:     0.3Ω
    • HWN:    0.2Ω
    • HWM:    0.15Ω


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