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  • Nautilus 3 Glass

    Aspire Nautilus 3 Glass

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    Aspire Nautilus 3 Glass

    This Nautilus 3 Glass increases the capacity of the tank to 4.0ml therefore it is ideal for not needing to refill your tank as often.

    Can only be used for the Nautilus 3 Tank


  • Nautilus 3

    Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank

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    Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank

    Aspire Nautilus 3 tank uses the Nautilus series coils, this emulates closely to Nautilus GT taste and will provide you premium MTL experience and extreme flavor enjoyment.

    The Nautilus 3 Tank boasts an innovative press-fit coil change system therefore this makes coil replacement super simple. Alongside an e-liquid shutoff valve to prevent e-liquid getting into the coil chamber whilst you change coils. No mess and much more satisfaction.

  • Sale! Nautilus GT

    Aspire Nautilus GT Tank

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    Nautilus GT

    The combined forces of two legends has given birth to the ultimate mouth-to-lung tank system. Aspire and Taifun present, the NAUTILUS GT. Ready to take the globally loved BVC coil range and equipped with a special airflow system, to maximize the Nautilus’ coil performance.

    The Nautilus GT uses the famous Aspire Nautilus BVC coils, which provide a premium MTL experience and extreme flavor enjoyment. All Nautilus series BVC coils and Mesh coils are compatible.


    Nautilus Gt Package Contains

    • Nautilus GT Tank
    • 2 x coils (1 x 1.6Ω coils & 1 x 0.7Ω mesh coil)
    • 1 set of O-rings

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  • Aspire Nautilus Coils

    Aspire Nautilus Coils

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    Aspire Nautilus Coils


    The Aspire Nautilus Coils are fully compatible with the Aspire Nautilus 2SNautilus 2, Nautilus Mini and the K3 tanks.

    These innovative Vertical Coil heads offer a unique design, making these atomizer heads last longer than others.

    The 0.4Ω for traditional e-juice and a direct to lung vape. These coils will deliver full flavor and a cool vape with each puff. The wattage range for the 0.4Ω coil is 23-28w

    The  0.7ohm “Direct to Lung” option is a low to mid-power level coil, thus allowing you to get the most flavour out of your liquid. Featuring a Kanthal wire, the coil ideally operates between 18 and 23 Watts.

    The 1.8ohm “Mouth to Lung” option is low-power level coil, made for vapers who enjoy a full-flavour draw. Due to the narrowed airflow, you can enjoy a tighter draw that doesn’t produce as much vapour. You can fire this coil anywhere between 10 and 14 Watts.

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